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When the Alien crashed on Earth, they accidentally killed two humans on the site and they are forced to restore them. Due to a short time they had, they have to make do with any replacement they had on board, which is a weapon-grade robot thus giving birth to the new Inuyashiki Ichiro and Shishigami Hiro.

Origin & CapabilityEdit

Not much is known about the origin of the alien or their weapon but the robot unit could destroy the Earth (Proved by one of the alien mentioning that giving them the replacement body could destroy the planet). The robot unit is capable of :

Immortality and Immunity

The robot seems to be resilient enough to withstand conventional firearms and military-grade firearms. This doesn't make the robot unstoppable as when they take a sufficient damage, they will fall unconscious for a brief moment and a little eyes-like probe (or the center of their processing unit) will assume control of the body and eliminate any remaining hostile encounter present in the vicinity of the unit. The unit is also immune from all kinds of human disease (since it's not a human anymore)


The robot seems to be capable of flight. The height and the time of flight are indefinite (As Ichiro could take a flight until he's outside the atmosphere of Earth). It utilizes a jetpack with two thrusters attached to the back.

Inhuman Strength

The strength of the unit is inhuman enough to be able to lift planes simultaneously without straining the host. It also increases the strength of the user to the point it able to overpower a grown man or a trained special forces unit. Also capable of ripping out a meteorite with ease

Direct Tech Interface

The unit also able to interfere with any technology equipment (even a satellite link). It could also hack into a bank system, access all kinds of cameras or access all kinds of accounts on the Internet and government system and database. Also capable of remote controlling a vehicle and remote hacking a broadcast signal. It can also double as the eyes and the extension of the user's body (proved by how Hiro could kill the fifty 2channeler commenters through their cellphone and computer and how Hiro could kill a hunkered civilians that access their cellphone in Shinjuku) It could also locate a person (provided they are in vicinity of a technology equipment such as phone or computer). All kinds of electronics device can be merged into the system as well (Like cellphone and computers). Came with all sorts of HUD and can be easily customized to the user's desire. It cannot interfere with other robot's processing unit.


The unit also capable of curing all kind of wounds and disease to every living being (not only human). It also capable of bringing a recently deceased person back to life.

Enhanced Sight and Hearing

The unit also capable of hearing all kinds of voice in a long range (requires a tuning) and see anything clearly in a radius of 100 km.


The processing unit could run a simulation to determine an outcome of an event

Built-in Weapon

There are three kinds of weapon shown so far

Laser Ray

Usually activated when in unconscious mode. Can be used as a non-lethal method of crippling an opponent or used as an explosive guided laser ray. Can be activated outside the unconscious mode through the means of exposing the weapon hidden beneath the robot's body

Invisible Laser Weapon

Like a laser ray but doesn't make any sound or leave any trace of light or gunpowder. Can be activated without exposing the interior part of the robot. Can be used like a regular gun or a full-automatic rifle

Self-Destruct Mechanism

As the name implies, it capable of self-destructing itself, killing the host and produces an explosion bigger than a nuclear missile and also creates a blinding light that could be seen from thousands of miles away. Activation sequence requires the host to push the eyes inward.

Advantage and Disadvantage of the machineEdit

There's basically no noticeable disadvantage rather than having no strong feeling of being a human attached to their consciousness (more likely a side effect in their psychological). They require no food (but apparently still needs water) and they require no maintenance.

Fate of the MachineEdit