Accident is the second chapter of the inuyashiki manga series.

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Ichiro Inuyashiki comes back home from the park. His wife is standing at the front porch, she was worried and was about to call the police. few hours later, the family sit at the table to eat breakfast. There is a parent visit on the 12th of the month and Marie is telling her children that their father, Ichiro, will be the one to attend as she has work to do. Mari protests, she is furious. If her dad goes to the parent's visit, no one will believe that he is her grandfather. While Ichiro is quietly drinking his soup while listening to the conversation, he notices something strange in his taste.

The Inuyashiki family goes by their normal day. At work, Ichiro notices that his hip doesn't hurt anymore and he doesn't need his glasses to properly see and this frightens him.

When he goes to the hospital, the doctors and nurses are surprised when the test results affirm that he is now cancer free.

Back to his house from the hospital, Ichiro notices smoke coming out of his arm.

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"My sense of taste is weird too...Definitely I'll die soon...My family..." −Ichiro Inuyashiki