People of 2ch (2chの人たち,Ni ch no hitotachi) is the sixth episode of the Inuyashiki anime series. It released on November 17, 2017.

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Hiro Shishigami, who is now a fugitive, stays at Shion's place after escaping from the police. After the media reveals the face behind the criminal, Yuko Shishigami commits suicide, leaving her son in great despair. People from 2channel take advantage of this new turn of events to spread mocking comments, but Hiro rapidly takes action. Meanwhile, Naoyuki continues to help Ichiro with his new abilities.

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Hiro Shishigami escapes from the police, but he is now a fugitive. He finds a place where to sit and starts thinking of the past events. Shion Watanabe finds him and brings him to her apartment as he can no longer go back to his house. At school his classmates are shocked to learn the true identity of Hiro. When Shion comes back from school, Hiro, her grandmother and her have dinner. Meanwhile, Naoyuki Ando helps Ichiro Inuyashiki with his new abilities. During the night, Hiro cries as he watches his mother apologizing for his crimes. He bursts in tears the following night, after he learns through the news that she has committed suicide. Afterwards the news of his mother's death has spread, Hiro's father is questioned by reporters about his son's crimes and the death of his ex-wife. While they are interviewing him in front of his house, Hiro appears and kills everyone in the scene, leaving only his father. After the killings, he flies to an isolated area where he starts reading comments of people from 2channel via his machine's ability. Hiro gets angry by the mocking comments they were making, and threatens to kill them all, starting with Susumu Iwata.

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