The First Victim (last name Matsubara, first name unknown) is placeholder name referring to the first known person killed by Hiro Shishigami.

Appearance Edit

The first victim was a middle-aged woman with brown eyes and brown hair. Her height is unknown but she appears to be almost as tall as Hiro.

How did she die? Edit

The first victim died during a weekday night, sometime after 7pm.

While the first victim is washing the dishes in the kitchen, Hiro quietly enters the house and make his way to the kitchen. He then stand at the kitchen's entrance and greets her. Thinking it was probably her daughter, she left the dishes, turn around and greets him back. Few seconds after realizing it was not her daughter and asking who he is, Hiro cruelly shot her in the chest.

Trivia Edit

  • All members of her family have been killed by Hiro.
  • Hiro additionally shot her more times in the back after the first shot but when her daughter discovered her body, only 1 shot is seen.