Mari Inuyashiki (犬屋敷 麻理, Inuyashiki Mari) is a high school student and the daughter of Ichiro Inuyashiki.

Appearance Edit

Mari is a young girl with black eyes and long straight black hair. She is skinny and rather tall.

Background Edit

When she was little, Mari was really close her dad, always holding his hand. This was to the extent where she would be worried that he would die soon, due to him looking quite old for his age. Now she hardly talks to him.

Plot Edit

Mari and her family moved from their old apartment to the new house her dad has build. Obsessed with wealth and jealous of the Oda's house, she decided to become a manga artist just like Oda's father to crush them and make them jealous of her.[1]

She eventually notices that her dad and Ando are together, thus she decides to follow them. She is quite surprised, as she notices that they go to hospitals, after which she searches on her phone, and relates the miracles to him.

References Edit

  1. InuYashiki Chapter 47

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